Small Group Skill Sessions

These sessions are very similar to what we do in the summer GameSPEED sessions on the field (quick passing, turning and reactive agility with the ball). We use the wall passing space and our FITlight system to improve your ability to move off the ball, control your first touch, and pass, turn and react quickly, hitting illuminated targets on the wall at different angles. 

Due to the fast paced, high repetition nature of each session, this is an optimal way to improve fitness, quickness, skill and confidence with the ball at your feet. This class is designed for higher level players that want to improve speed and athleticism with the ball.

 A Look Inside The Sessions

What Players Are Saying...

Training Program Goals

Our ultimate goal is to use the ball to enhance athletic quickness and confident skill. We do this with 4 unique progressions:

  • Body Position and Primary Footwork Patterns
  • Quick Skill Combinations
  • First Touch and Passing Accuracy
  • Reactive Creativity...Exploring Your Unique Abilities

This program will offer more repetitions per minute than you can imagine, and a systematic progression where progress is noticeable after a single training session.

Program Details:

Group Size: 1-4 players

Session Time: 45 minutes (with additional time at the end to get more reps if group size allows)

Session Cost: $35/session 

How to Register: Choose the day and time you wish to train from the options below, then select the week(s) you would like to attend. Sessions may fill up quickly, and we will not allow more than 4 players in a single session. So if you are interested in a consistent schedule, please check all the weeks you wish to attend. If the session you want is full, we will contact you with alternatives. After your spot is confirmed we will contact you with payment options.


Training Day(s)